Prime Minister Breaks Silence: 'Says Govt Will Continue And He Will Function As PM According To Constitution'

February 16, 2018

Denying rumours that he will step down from his post in the unity government, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said he would continue as the Prime Minister and act according to the constitution.

"I accept the election result," the Premier said, on a humble note, adding it was a warning sign from the people.

Speaking to media, at Temple Trees,  for the first time after the defeat of the Local Government polls, Wickremesinghe stated that internal reforms would be carried out in the party to build a future leadership group.

"They will be given grater responsibilities. But, their exact scope of work should be discussed within the party."

When asked about differences of opinions within the government, the Prime Minister said it was the 'nature' of a coalition government. "The two main parties got together to form this government. So, there can be differences. We should iron out the differences and move forward," he added.

He also said the current government would continue without a change.  "For the moment, the current government can continue. We will look at other option, if this fails, " the Prime Minister said, responding to questions of journalists.

He admitted that the bond issue was one reason for the party's setback at the recent Local Government election.

"The delays in catching thieves was also a reason," the Premier said, adding that he, as the Prime Minister, did not interfere in any investigations.

"Also, we instructed the Police to keep us informed if any minister interfered with the investigations," he added.

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