Colombo Gets Rosier: Municipal Council Members Get Salary Increase Of Rs. 25000

The Colombo Municipal Councilors have voted to increase their monthly allowance by Rs. 25000. 

The councilors previously received a monthly allowance of Rs. 20,000. Under the new salary increase, they are entitled to a monthly allowance of Rs. 45000. 

Under the new electoral system, the number of Councilors of the Colombo Local Government body increased from 53 to 119. 

At the General meeting of the council, 68 members have voted in favour of the proposal while 07 members objected. 

Interestingly, the Sri Lanka Podujana Permuna members were absent at the time the vote was taken. 

The members of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna representing the council voted against the proposal.

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