Susil Premajayantha Warns Of Public Unrest And "Utter Disruption": Assures '16 Group' Will Join JO Protest March

September 04, 2018

Former Minister and SLFP '16 group' member Susil Premajayantha warned that there could be 'public unrest' and 'utter disruption' in the country as a result of the current government's conduct. 

Addressing a press conference in Colombo yesterday, Premajayantha said the "16 group" of the SLFP would take part in the  protest march organized by the Joint Opposition on September 05. 

However, the '16 group' still claim that they support President Maithripala Sirisena, the Chairman of the SLFP and the leader of the current government according to the constitution. 

Premajayantha also said there was no better way of expressing opposition to the government other than public protests as it continues to postpone elections. 

Interestingly, it is the SLFP group within the government, led by Siriesena, that has come under severe criticism for postponing elections. 

The former Minister rubbished the claims that the current government had ended bribery and corruption. 

He said the Treasury bonds scam and corruption at SriLankan Airlines alone amounted to Rs. 25 billion. 

"This is why a commission has been appointed to look into SriLankan Airlines. It will reveal the level of corruption prevailed in the organization over the past three years," he added.

The former Minister  also said  corruption was one reason that prompted his group to quit the unity government. 

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