President Pledges To Curtail Excessive Powers Of Presidency While Maintaining "Moderate" Foreign Policy

February 04, 2015

President Maithripala Sirisena, in his first independence day speech as the President of Sri Lanka, promised to remove excessive powers of the Executive Presidency.

"'Poverty' is a serious social problem that we need to do away with. The government considers it as a top-most priority and we, as a government, will also build up a strong national economy. In our election manifesto, we pledged to transform our society and over the past three weeks, we set the platform for the promised change," President Sirisena said in his speech.

The President also pledged to establish a  'moderate foreign policy' that maintains friendly relations with all nations.

"After 2009, we could not connect the hearts of the people of the North and South. Although we ended the war physically,  the hearts of the people of the North and South could not be bridged within a framework of national reconciliation," he also added.

We should not point fingers at each other for the setbacks we have suffered over the past 67 years. It is important to look into our own conduct and identify our mistakes

The government also publicized a declaration of peace to mark the 67th independence day to show its commitment to unity and national reconciliation.

In its declaration of peace, the government paid its respect to all citizens of the country, of all races and religions, who lost their lives due to three decade long violence.

The government also promised to advance national interest and national reconciliation and to safeguard territorial integrity and unity, striving to walk the path of peace.

"This land will never be traumatized by shedding of blood," the declaration of peace said.

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