Parliament To Be Dissolved 'Sooner Than Expected': President

It is reported that President Maithripala Sirisena on Wednesday told that Sri Lankan parliament would be dissolved “sooner than expected”
“The decision to dissolve soon has been arrived at,” the president told Mano Ganeshan, leader of the TPA, and his colleagues, government ministers P.Thigambaram and V.Radhakrishnan.
“He is waiting to see the proceedings in parliament on the 20 th.Constitutional Amendment (20A) embodying electoral reforms,” Ganeshan said.
“President said that 20A will brought to parliament. Irrespective of the “contents” of the gazette version he assured that new “amendments” will be introduced at the committee stage mainly to safeguard the minor and minority party interests" Ganeshan stated.
President Sirisena will stand by his promise that election reforms will not harm the minority interests but protect them, he added.
"He also reminded us that he fixed 255 as the number, in his original proposals to the nation, only to provide space for the minor party interests,” Ganeshan further said.
(The New Indian Express)
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