Harsha Reveals More Pictures Of 'Sinhale' Vandalism: Dy. Minister’s Staff Visits Victims

Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Harsha De Silva today revealed the photographs of several houses vandalized by the ‘Sinhale’ extremists.

The Deputy Minister said he sent his staff to visit the houses of the victims.

‘The owners of the three Muslim homes whose walls and gates were vandalised by the 'Sinhale' group in Nugegoda. I conveyed to them that this kind of racist behaviour will not be tolerated in my electorate where all communities live in harmony. We will work with the authorities to apprehend those who did this to create racial tensions and have a more broadbased plan to prevent such ugly incidents in the future. I invite all to work with me to achieve the objective of creating a 'Sri Lankan' identity to unite us instead of ethnic identities that are dividing us’, the Deputy Minister said.

‘Sinhale’, a campaign initiated by an ultra - nationalist Sinhala Buddhist group reached a new height yesterday with an unknown group writing the same word on the walls of some houses belonging to Muslims in the Nugegoda area.