Maithri's Brother Dudley Sirisena's Lorry Attacked In Marandagahamula

November 29, 2014

A lorry belonging to ‘Araliya Sahal’, owned by the Dudley Sirisena, a brother of Common Candidate Maithripla Sirisena has come under attack in Marandagahamula, Asian Mirror reliably learns.  

Speaking to Asian Mirror a short while ago, General Manager of Araliya Group Lal Sirisena, another brother of Maithripala Sirisena, told that the lorry has been attacked by an armed group.  He asserted that a powerful Minister of the ruling party was behind the attack.

Araliya Sahal and its owner Dudley Sirisena came under severe criticism from Internal Trade Minister Johnston Fernando for attempting to create an artificial price hike in rice ahead of the presidential election. He dubbed Dudley Sirisena as a key member of the 'rice mafia' operating in the country. 

Fearing such a move, the Trade Ministry started selling imported rice at cheaper rates - through Lanka Sathosa outlets across the country.

Responding to the allegations, Dudley Sirisena, one of the largest rice traders in the country. distanced himself from the entire issue stating he had nothing to do with something called a "rice mafia." He said the government was attempting to hunt him down merely because his brother, Maithriapala Sirisena, chose to become then common candidate of the opposition.

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