President Sirisena Says He Will Never Betray The Country By Introducing Federal Constitution

November 29, 2017

President Maithripala Sirisena said he would never betray the country by introducing a Federal constitution. 

Addressing the Sri Lankan community in Republic of Korea yesterday, Sirisena said he came to power with the pure intention of rectifying the historic  blunders and to ensure that the people of Sri Lanka would live in peace and harmony 

The President also explained the events leading to his decision to be the common candidate at the Presidential Election of 2015 and said his desire was to fulfill the mandate given to him by the people, despite the hurdles and challenges standing in the way. 

The meeting with the Sri Lankan community was held at the Nam San Hall at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul, today (28).

The President's remark came against the backdrop where the SLFP held discussions with the Joint Opposition to contest the election together.