“Claims On Abolition Of Executive Presidency Becoming Fragile”

November 29, 2014

Minister of External Affairs G L Pieris said that the opposition parties including the Common Opposition and the JVP has still failed to find a common ground on their stand pertaining to the upcoming Presidential Election.

 Speaking at a press conference in the SLFP Headquarters in Colombo, the Minister said that the opposition’s statements on their stand on the Presidential Elections is changing on a daily basis.

 “The common opposition has failed to come up with a concrete game plan, their claims on the abolition of Executive Presidency are becoming more and more fragile by the day”, the Foreign Minister said.

 Minister Peiris asserted although abolition of Executive Presidency was the main slogan on the Common opposition’s Agenda, various people in the opposition have come up with contradictory statements on the matter. “This suggests that the opposition has confused itself with their own statements,” he added.

 Meanwhile, the Minister pointed out that some of the amendments proposed by Maithripala Sirisena are unconstitutional and therefore has no legal basis.

The Minister also added that the emergence of the common candidate poses a threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

 The press conference was also attended by the Minister of Petroleum and the new General Secretary Sri Lanka Freedom Party Anura Pruyadarshana Yapa.

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